• Bachelor of Laws (LLB) 
  • BA Top up (for HND holders)


  • MSc Corporate Governance
  • MSc Accounting
  • Master of Laws (LLM)
  • Doctor of Business Administration(DBA)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 


  • ACCA  
  • Executive Management programmes



The Executive Business School (EBS), based in Lagos, Nigeria, was incorporated in 2006 and commenced operation in 2007, in order to capitalise on a large, growing demand for academic programmes leading to British awards. EBS was formed, among other reasons, as a direct response to the need and desire to realise the potential of professional skills and learning in Nigeria. 

Our focus is in providing opportunities for those skills to be developed and recognised through the pursuit of quality undergraduate and postgraduate studies. A strong alignment and partnership with UK and European academic and professional institutions is the key strategy to the achievement of our aims. EBS, one of the largest independent Business Schools in Africa has adopted a niche and highly focus mission of delivering a narrow range of law and business related academic and professional programmes which are in high demand but with limited provision in Nigeria. The School has articulation agreements with prestigious British and European Universities in order to fulfill its mission. 

IIt is important to note that a group of high ranking professors from UK and other European institutions contribute to both the development and delivery of EBS programmes. The engagement of external assessors of leading UK/European Professors ensures the delivery and provision of high quality academic programmes which are compliant with international best practices as well as the maintenance of UK/European quality assurance processes.